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Birthdays, Christmas parties, special celebrations and corporate/government events, our licenced jumping castles are the best way to entertain kids and lots of them at once!

Especially with our special jumping castle feature – an inflatable basketball hoop inside the castle for
extra jumping fun. We supply soft nobly balls for hoops of fun.
Tinkerbell Jumping Castle
Suitable for 12 years and under
4m x 4m (height 3.7m)
$180 (day rate)
$160* (4 hours)
Looney Tunes Jumping Castle
Suitable for 12 years and under
5m x 5m (height 3.7m)
$200 (day rate)
$180* (4 hours)
Cars Jumping Castle
Suitable for 12 years and under
4m x 4m (height 3.7m)
$180 (day rate)
$160* (4 hours)
* 4 hour rate only available to customers within 25km from Riddells Creek.

* Prices for corporate/government events available over the phone.

Delivery is FREE to suburbs within 25kms of Riddells Creek. The following suburbs receive our free delivery:

Riddells Creek, Gisborne, South Gisborne, Sunbury, Romsey, Clarkefield, Macedon, Mt Macedon, Bullengarook, Woodend, Bulla.

Deliveries exceeding 25 km from Riddells Creek, please calculate $2.00 per km to your address.

To check go to route planner.

How much room do I need to have?

With our medium sized castle you will need to have an even, flat area of 4.5m x 4.5m and our large castle 5.5m x 5.5m (to allow for the step at front and blower at back). Height needs to have a clearance of at least 4.0m.

What access is required?

You will need at least a 1 metre wide pathway to get to the set up point for the medium castle and a 1.5 metre wide pathway to the set up point for the large castle. Please advise on booking if there are any steps on access path as castles are up to 100kg in weight and hard to move up steps. If there are steps, the operator may need to have assistance getting to the set up point.

How long does it take to set up and when does hire commence?

Set up time usually takes around 20 minutes as long as access is clear. The set up is done prior to your booked time and the dismantling is done after booking period has finished, so you do not lose any hire time.

How long does it take to take the castle down?

The dismantling of castles usually takes around 25 minutes for the medium size castle and 35 minutes for the large castle.

Do we have to put the castle up?

NO. We have fully trained staff who will deliver and install your castle where required and give you all the relevant operating and safety instructions needed to supervise and ensure your party/event goes ahead without any problems.

Can you set up the castle on pavers?

YES. As long as the surface is a flat level surface we can set up on grass, pavers, concrete or asphalt. Ground must also be free from any rocks or other sharp objects that may cause damage to the castle. We would appreciate the set up area being cleaned of any rubbish prior to our arrival. Please let us know at the time of booking if the castle will be going on surface other than grass or dirt so we can cater for sandbags.

Can we move the castle during our hire period if we need to?

NO. Once the operator has set the castle up in the designated position it must not be moved under any circumstances.

Do we have to have someone supervising whilst operating?

YES. The castle must have the nominated person (adult over 18 years of age) who had instructions explained to them at set up supervising children at all times. The children’s safety on this product is reliant on the supervising adult.

Can we hire a supervisor if it’s for a corporate event or promotion?

YES. We can provide a supervisor at $30 per hour, for a minimum of 4 hours.

What safety features do you provide?

All of our castles are fully enclosed so that no one can fall out of them. The castles are either tied to stakes driven 30cm into the ground or very heavy sandbags are used on concrete or hard surfaces. On hard surfaces we provide high quality karate mats that interlock and are placed at the front of the castle for extra safety.

What is the latest I can book a castle for?

Due to overall safety requirements the jumping castles can only be used until dusk. This means that as a guide and allowing time for dismantling, the times are as follows:

  • From September to May castles available until 6.00pm.
  • From June to August castles available until 5.00pm.
  • If extended hours are required past these times there must be adequate lighting. Late pick ups incur extra charges. Overnight hire commences at the above finishing times and fees are $30 for a medium or large castle. Pick up will occur the following morning.

Is there an age limit? And how many can go on at the one time?

YES. On medium castles we recommend a maximum of 8-10 children at any one time and an age limit of up to 12 years. On the large castles we recommend a maximum of 12 children at the one time. We also recommend that the children are grouped in age groups (ie. 4 years olds with 4 year olds and 10 year old with 10 year olds) so as to avoid any accidents.

How long does the jumping castle stay up for?

The castles will stay up as long as the blower stays connected. The blower must always stay plugged into a main electrical socket at all times. DO NOT plug extension lead into a double adaptor or powerboard as this may cause deflation of the castle.

Can I have the castle set up in a park?

YES. If you require us to set up in a public reserve or park you must have permission from the council and check if there are any requirements or fees. The ground must also be clear of any sharp objects or obstructions prior to castle arrival and set up. In addition, Joeys R Jumping will supervise in any public spaces for $30 per hour.

Do you have insurance?

YES. Joeys R Jumping carries $10,000,000 public liability insurance, so we are covered for your backyard party or full corporate event day. Please feel free to ask for a copy of our Insurance Certificate.

What happens if it rains?

Our castles come with a rain and sun cover to provide protection. If there are strong winds or severe weather conditions forecast for the day of the hire Joeys R Jumping reserves the right to cancel a booking if safety of persons deemed would be at risk. Joeys R Jumping would be happy to reschedule or refund the monies if such an event does occur.

Can kids drink in castle?

NO. Under no circumstances are any persons to take any beverage, food or foreign objects inside the castles. If there are any spillages or damages caused by face paint, silly string or sharp objects the hirer will be liable for the full cost of any such repairs required.

Are the castles clean before arrival?

YES. Our castles are cleaned after every hire and inspected before use.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Only what day and the castle you want to choose! Once you’ve worked that out it’s time for the jumping fun to start! If you do think of anything else feel free to contact us any time on 0423-022-332 or
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